Meet The Band

Who are we?
Bent Penny Band is a crowd interactive band with music genres ranging from Eric Clapton and The Eagles, to Elvis Rock-a-Billy and BPB originals.
Bent Penny Band is made up of family and friends of different musical backgrounds and generations. These differences allow Bent Penny to bring to the stage a wide variety of musical genres.
The bands success is partly due to tight four part harmony vocals combined with electrifying guitar, Sax and piano leads.  
  • 2018 Lexington Music Awards Nominee:
    • Best Cover Band
    • Best Rock Band
  • 2017 Lexington Music Awards Voted "Best Rock Band"
  • 2017 Lexington Music Awards Nominee:
    • Best Cover Band
    • Best Rock Band
    • Best Male Vocalist
    • Best Guitarist 
    • Best Drumm er
  • 2016 Lexington Music Awards Nominee:
    • Best Cover Band
    • Best Rock Band
  • 2013 Buffalo Trace National Battle of the Bands 
    • Top 3 Nationally​
We are:

Randy Penny- Lead Guitar, Bass Guitar, Vocals:  LLC Managing Officer.
Clifford Penny Lead Guitar, Vocals: Logistics
Rick Penny - Drums: Web Master/Scheduler
Garry Penny-  Vocals/Percussion: Performance Coordinator
Scotty Penny - Keyboards: Co-Pilot and Navigator
Sherri Penny  - Bass Guitar, Vocals: Network CAT5 Interface Tech

Randy is a native of Richmond, Ky and  was only six years old when his father taught him his first guitar chord, and music has been Randy’s passion ever since. Growing up, he shined in local talent shows and with local bands, and was a standout in his high school marching band, all leading up to an act as a radio disc jockey.As an adult, Randy played with Bluegrass favorites Jim and Jessie McReynolds, and most recently with fiddle master Michael Cleveland. Other than Bluegrass, Randy’s musical tastes include Country and Classic Rock, which provide Bent Penny with an extensive performance library.His ability to play by ear allows him to switch between lead, rhythm and bass guitar, as well as keys and offers flexibility to the band for performance selections. In addition to his instrumentation, Randy provides lead and harmony vocals.  For 2017 Randy was a Final nominee for the Lexington Music Awards "Best Male Vocalist" Category. Randy Resides in Lexington, Ky.
Cliff started playing at the age young age of 14. While still in high school, Cliff's first opportunity to watch a live performance was of the band known as the The Webs. Charlie Lynch, who was the lead singer of The Webs, inspired Cliff to join several bands throughout his high school years.As a sophomore, while attending the University of Kentucky, Cliff had the opportunity to reunite with Charlie and join the band Motley Kru. The band was a local favorite throughout Central Kentucky. Those gigs with Motley Kru financially helped Cliff through college. It was during these years that Cliff realized that music would always be a passionate part of his life.After the Motley Kru years, Cliff had the opportunity to join the Silver Creek band where he became friends with Bent Penny Band keyboard player Scotty Furgeson. Cliff and Scotty enjoyed almost twenty years of success while playing with Silver Creek. The band toured regionally and opened for such national acts as Sawyer Brown and the Oak Ridge Boys.After leaving the Silver Creek band, Cliff stopped playing for 18 years and focused on his family and career as an Electrical Engineer. Cliff met up with the Bent Penny Band through a mutual friend of Rick and Randy Warner, and was recommended for an audition. It was during this audition that Cliff realized that playing music was still a true passion.Cliff currently holds a Master's Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Kentucky, and works for U.L. Labs. He also composes his own music.Cliff brings a unique level of high energy and showmanship to the Bent Penny Band that always amazes the crowds.  For 2017 Clifford was a final nominee for the Lexington Music Awards "Best Guitarist" Category. Cliff resides in Richmond, Ky.
Scotty is a native of Richmond, Ky. and began playing at the young age of 15. He learned to play on his mother's piano from a chord book he bought.Years later, Scotty was inspired by watching Exile when they were still playing the Richmond area. Eventually, he got to know the members and would often jam with the band.Scotty got to be friends with Bent Penny Band member Clifford Jones when they were both in the Silver Creek Band for almost two decades. Silver Creek played regionally and opened for such national acts as the Oak Ridge Boys and Sawyer Brown.He is a retired captain of the Richmond Fire Department, and is currently an EMT living with his family in Somerset, Kentucky.Scott's excellent musical skills are combined with his on stage wit and humor and are always apparent at every Bent Penny event.  Scotty Resides in Somerset, Ky.

Rick is a native of Richmond, Ky.  He was formally introduced to music when he began playing the drums at 11 years old. During high school, Rick became an accomplished musician, receiving recognition at the regional and state levels.Rick was later re-inspired by his brother when they played together in a local band. Just a year into this gig, their garage jam sessions spawned the Bent Penny Band. These jam sessions actually began on his brother’s birthday and continued through his. In October 2010, a nationally renowned recording artist used Rick’s talents for a CD production. Today, he is the “heartbeat” of Bent Penny as the all-star drummer.  For 2017 Rick was a final nominee for the Lexington Music Awards "Best Drummer" Category.  Rick Resides in Richmond, Ky. 
Garry is a native of Richmond, KY, and happens to be Cliff's son. Garry has been around music since a small child and has a fond appreciation of many genres. Garry would follow the band in which his father played, and frequently sat in during band practices. Garry took a real interest in the different instruments and taught himself to play drums. He still likes to drop a beat every now and then. He also has a background in running sound for the Silver Creek Band for about a year. Garry began following the BPB after his father joined the group and started helping the band load, unload and set up equipment. Garry has always enjoyed singing, but never sang publicly until last year when he sang karaoke. Garry decided that he would like to sing and was given the opportunity with the BPB. He first sang with the band at Eddie Montgomery's Steakhouse in Harrodsburg in November of 2012.  Garrys excellent on stage presence and how he relates to the crowd adds an unreplaceable element to our performances. Garry Resides in Louisville, Ky. 
Sherri is a native of Richmond, Ky and grew up in a very musical family.Her mother and father were both professional musicians. By age 13 Sherri's father taught her to play bass. After 6 chords and a week, it was evident that she was a natural. For the next ten years Sherri enjoyed playingalong side of her parents and sister while entertaining thousands of people across Central and Eastern Kentucky. At 23 Sherri took time away from her natural gift to raise a family and deal with medical issues. Six years later she enjoy playing when she could with a touring gospel group (Faith Builders) that lasted for 9 years. In 2011 afterrecovering from health issues she joined her husbands well established band (The Downtown Duece Band). After 4 years Sherri and her husband ventured out to start their own band (The Now and Then Band). They werefrequent performers at Renfro Valley. Sherri is looking forward to her new journey with her old friends Scott andCliff that she had friended years earlier while performing with her parents. Sherry resides in Richmond, Ky. with her Husband.